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[Drabble-fic] Soundness of Judgement

Title: Soundness of Judgement
Author: Bo
Pairing(s): Jun/Arashi
Rating: PG
Genre: Drabbles
Word Count: 600
Disclaimer(s): I own nothing.
Summary: Jun wonders about his band mates' sanity, and sometimes his own.
Notes: For the November challenge at kotobayori, also a response to #13 for resolute_reader's Matsu-thon. Six drabbles that string together a story (of sorts), 600 words that I hope will bring me out of this painful writer's block. I want to write so bad it hurts, but the words refuse to come. *whimpers* Otherwise I'm quite proud of this. Hope you like!

Jun worries about Arashi sometimes. Any ordinary person will, and Jun likes to believe that among the five of them he is the closest to being ‘ordinary,’ sort of like plain old milk in a franchise of other, brighter-flavored milk: apple, banana, chocolate, coffee. Just the fact that he thought of this simile means Aiba is stealing his sanity, and that is exactly what he’s worrying about. People are supposed to get wiser as they grow older, but the older he gets the less Jun is concerned with the logic of things, and he worries about this for several reasons.

One, any person with the minimum amount of sanity will find that there is something fundamentally wrong with five full-grown men eating and drinking until none of them can stand and all of them pass out on top of each other in the living room, all because it’s a Wednesday, and according to one of the five grown men (his name is Aiba) Wednesdays are special. It isn’t quite normal behavior, but then Arashi has never confirmed with normality, or sanity, for that matter. Jun knows he should be worried about this, but he isn’t, for the most part because

two, when one of the said full-grown men (this one’s name is Nino) rolls over with a mewl like a cat and tucks himself further into the messy tangle of arms and feet, or, to be specific, further into Jun's arms and feet, Jun has absolutely no problem with it. He even readjusts himself so the smaller man nestles against his body like a puzzle piece, his face on Jun’s warm neck, each breath almost inaudible but definitely there, and through a daze Jun vaguely realizes that although he leans on many people he’s only ever fallen asleep on Arashi.

There is a three, and it comes from those days when Jun can’t stand the thundering stillness of his apartment and has to leave it. He finds himself cradling his face in the crook of an elbow on the kitchen table, watching Ohno’s pencil scurry across the surface of the paper in quick, decisive strokes. Nino comes out of the shower with a towel slung over his hair. He is not surprised to see Jun and Jun is not surprised he’s there, and as Jun blinks up at him the white towel on Nino’s head glows, almost like a halo.

And because there is a three there must be a four, and this one is half Sho’s because Sho knows the kind of fears Jun has, sometimes even shares them, and when Jun has trouble breathing from everything that is going on in his world he allows himself to fall to pieces on Sho’s lap, because he knows Sho can put him back together again in the end. The other half belongs to Aiba because Aiba is always one-half of everything. He is one-half of Jun, and Jun knows it is the better half because Aiba doesn't deserve anything less.

It all comes down to five. Jun has wondered many times at his own sanity, but it’s hard to think straight when Ohno’s pencil sweeps across his mind and scatters everything there, when Nino plays his DS next to Jun during a sappy movie because he knows Jun needs someone to hand him tissues, when Sho pats his hair on his thigh and Jun goes to sleep there, when Aiba slings an arm around him and pulls him in for a giggle. People get wiser as they grow, and Jun likes to think wisdom has nothing to do with sanity.

Somebody take NewS away from me, like, right now, because I'm THIS close to losing it. I can't handle two JE bands at the same time; not my brain, not my hard drive, and most certainly not my wallet. Damn you, Tegoshi!


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Oh this is so sweet!
It has such an amazing flow to it, I love how you wrote it!

Jun is exactly like this in my mind. Thank you so much for sharing!
Goes straight to memories <3
Thank you! <3
this is beautiful! I loved the way you linked them all together! Well done!
Thank you! <3
This is a beautiful insightful, fluid and a very calm piece. Well it's a feeling I got whilst reading it anyways.

I love it rather a lot.

*sticks into memeories folder*
Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Aw! That was really sweet. I think you played off each of their personalities really well. I like the last line: it's a nice pearl to leave off on. :)
Thank you =D I can't seem to write anything other than syrupy fluff, and I'd really like to stray from that a bit. Go for some angst and tears. *is DoM*
I really loved this. Your style is just flawless. Not too complicated to read for no reason, descriptive in all the right ways. Plus this just gave off such a lovely, cozy feeling. Great job!
Thank you! That makes me really happy. =)
This is beautifully done, and I like your style of writing, it flows so hummingly. I loved the way Arashi is presented through Jun, and everything's so subtle but so poignant, and it goes straight to the heart.

Thank you for writing this! I savoured this very much. :>
Thank you =D Glad you liked.
Aiba thinks Wednesdays are special... ^__^ that's so cute.

Beautifully written. Absolutely beautiful.
Thank you! It wasn't until after I finished writing that I realized I was born on a Wednesday. XD Guess Aiba is my subconscious.
Oh this is so adorable! More of Aiba's giggles! And of course he's 1/2 of Jun :D

And I think it's too late for me. I've already entered the world of NewS, not to mention Kanjani8 (the extent of my love for that stupid Ryo). And yes, my hard drive is collapsing and screaming in pain right about now. My external hard drive x.x BUT, it's fun :DD Welcome!
Thank you! Aiba is the better half of everyone XD

I think it's too late for me as well. X( I I'm pretty much gone when I can tell each member by name. Gah. I blame Tegomasu and the deliciousness that is Yamapi.
that was beautiful and cute and totally sane~

you certainly got jun very right (well, i think...)... i'm *aww*-ing so much right now~

thank you so much for writing this!
Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I'm glad you think I got Jun right; I find that I'm most comfortable when writing from his perspective. Gotta love the sexy dork.
This is absolutely gorgeous. *______* Just quiet and very matter-of-fact and so sweet.
Thank you so much =D =D =D

a;slkjfda;lsjfd I love this like WHOA because Nino's not actually a little piece of shit here and ♥♥♥ AIBA AND WEDNESDAY IS SPESHULLLLLLLL. XD

Arashi is like total love. Really. Especially in that crazy grown man called Aiba.

Thank you! Nino is lovely until you touch his DS and Aiba is just all the Christmases put together into one smiley, bouncy human being.

If everyone knew about Arashi, the world would be a much better place filled with a lot more rainbows and everybody would be out fishing all the time. That's the life.
>.< this was so beautiful...there is not logic in Arashi, well none that matters lol Jun shouldn't worry about such things, he'll just make himself insane XD

I feel your pain my friend got me into Arashi, then to pay me back for getting her into Arashi, my loving cousin got me into NewS...I then commited financial suicide by getting myself into Kanjani8...its a crazy JE filled world...but at least a happy sparkley one?
Thank you =) I don't think there's any logic in the entire jimusho. Sanity cannot be expected in a place filled with so many hawt menz.

I rue the day when I heard Tegomasu on the radio and decided to look them up. They should warn people about things like this. There should be signs, like: "WARNING: HIGHLY SEXY. APPROACH AT COST OF OWN WALLET AND SANITY. NOT FOR THOSE WITH HEART PROBLEMS."
Absolutely adorable and so full of love. I think you managed to capture the atmosphere of the group very well, and I definitely enjoyed the read. And even though it was Jun-centric, I liked your descriptions of Aiba the most--so cute. Thank you for sharing :3
Thank you for reading and commenting! I'm glad you enjoyed it. =D
Ah! So wonderful! You got Jun to a tee! Now off to post it on the -thon! ^^
Thank you! XD
it's such a sweet fic! :D

i think arashi is so fun to write about and read. and its always interesting to read from jun's perspective, and i think you've really captured his personality and all of arashi's brilliantly :D
Thank you! I'm more comfortable with Arashi than any of my other fandoms, and I've been around the block. There's just so much love that you really can't go wrong. I find it easiest to get into Jun's head, and just let him rant from there. =D
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