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Jul. 27th, 2009

Nino with glasses

Silent Night

I wrote something. =) It makes me unbelievably happy.

Title: Silent Night
Author: Bo
Pairing(s): At first, I didn’t know.
Rating: PG
Word count: About 760
Disclaimer(s): Don’t own.
Warning(s): Unbeta'd
Summary: Two men and a phone. And they talk. Really.
Notes: I’m beginning to think I have a fixation with phones. This one is short and simple; didn’t know where it was going until it actually went there. A little play on what our newscaster said on an episode of Shukudai-kun. Hope you like it!

Apr. 20th, 2009

Nino with glasses

2 Sakumoto Drabbles

First, a drabble spawned by a random word from the challenge.

“Intentionally” + Sakumoto = GildedCollapse )

And a longer ficlet.

Title: Peer Tutoring
Author: Bo
Pairing: Sakumoto
Rating: PG-13 for a kiss
Word Count: 1,281
Disclaimer: Bo owns nothing.
Summmary: Back in their debut days, Sho tutored Jun in his spare time. He finds a way to help Jun learn English.
Notes: This is purely because I like chibi Sho and Jun kisses. =D Hope you like.

Read more...Collapse )

Mar. 20th, 2009

Nino with glasses


I has a computer now. XD XD XD

Am currently in an inexplicable state of ecstasy. I have a new computer and its name is Leopold and it's black and shiny and an ASUS and it's going to get me through at least half a decade.

*is filling the living room with sparkling hearts*

Finally, after over a month, I can see Arashi move on the screen.

Now, please excuse me as I go catch up on some boyband news and blast my ears to deaf with rainbowy music.

Mar. 3rd, 2009

Nino with glasses

My sanity. 'Tis gone.


July 2005 - February 2009

Bo's beloved HP Presario laptop for the past four years.

Thank you for the countless hours we spent together, amidst much laugther, tears, and the occasional keyboard smashing.

So now before I can convince my mother to get me a new computer, I have to use the school's computers with the little snippets of time between School Life and Real Life.

R.I.P. Hercules.

P.S. I must be the 2508834th person to say this, but Nino's new haircut is all kinds of hot.

Jan. 30th, 2009

Nino with glasses

I has p0rnz.

Title: Two Boys and a Phone Of Long Distance Relationships
Author: Bo
Pairing(s): Ohno/Sho, a dash of Aimiya if you squint really really hard
Rating: NC-17
Genre: PWP
Word Count: 2,725
Disclaimer(s): These boys belong to Johnny Kitagawa and not to Bo.
Summary: Sho is away at Beijing and Ohno misses him. A lot.
Warning: Dirty-talk!Sho and lovesick!Ohno
Notes: This fic’s sole purpose is just so I have an excuse to write phone sex and say that I WROTE MY FIRST PIECE OF PORN AND IT’S ABOUT TWO JAPANESE BOYBAND MEMBERS DIRTY-TALKING EACH OTHER THROUGH A PHONE AND I HAD FUN. So, uh. Happy very-very-late birthday, Sho. I love you and this is how I show it. You get Captain. :D As always, I’d really like to know what you think of this. Please enjoy!

It wasn’t until Jun called him on the subway that Ohno finally realized he had left the studio in full Naruse-dress.Collapse )

Jan. 25th, 2009

Nino with glasses


The folder is empty.

It is asdkjfasdjfl;ajds;lfjlfdj EMPTY.

Oh wow. I just lost everything Arashi-related on my HD. Icons, pictures, magazine scans, fanfiction...


*takes deep breath and resists urge to stab computer*

Thank goodness I backed up some stuff, although it's going to be several months old. And I have all the video files on a separate HD. But but but but as;kljsafjal;kdf.

Oh well. At least this gives me an excuse to look for Arashi pictures for six hours. XD

ETA: No backups. I guess I deleted them. Fuck. Now I really have to start over. I don't really know whether to laugh or to cry. >___>

Jan. 4th, 2009

Nino with glasses

You're my precious baby あいしくて~


Another way that JE has dominated my vacation lately. And my life in general. x__X

Dec. 24th, 2008

Nino with glasses

Caramel Song

Title: Caramel Song
Author: Bo
Pairing(s): Aimiya
Rating: PG
Genre: The fluff is caramel-flavored this time.
Word Count: 1,985
Disclaimer(s): I don’t own Nino and Aiba, I don’t own Arashi, I don’t own caramel, I just put them together.
Summary: Somewhat of a sequel to Hello Goodbye, since I wrote this with it in mind. Aiba helps Nino figure some things out, in his own typical fashion.
Notes: It is 4AM and I have to get up at 9. *__* But anything for Aiba’s birthday. I let this one sit for a long while because I had no idea where it was going, and even as I wrote it tonight I still didn’t know what was going to happen, which I figured is the trend in my writing. I had great fun writing this, and I really hope you enjoy it, too!

It took a great deal to bother Aiba Masaki.Collapse )

Dec. 11th, 2008

Nino with glasses

Deck the Halls with Stress and Screaming

I'm so busy right now it's insane. I wish I can just wake up and read about Arashi and sing a bit and maybe write a little and just not do anything about theta or arc lengths or nominative cases. Can't wait until I go home on vacation and there's no more parties to host and activities to plan, no Honor Committee meetings, Stugo responsibilities and miscellaneous NHS stuff. There's just way to much going on for one Christmas. >__<

But in the midst of it all, Arashi still saves what little self I have left. I swear, one round of the "Sunrise Nippon" MV and I'm ready for anything. XD

Nov. 27th, 2008

Nino with glasses

(no subject)

Title: Life is Hard, Therefore Happy
Author: Bo
Pairing(s): Ohno/Arashi, Ohmiya
Rating: PG
Genre: I think Leader deserves his own genre because this is. Just. Ohno.
Word Count: 1,699
Disclaimer(s): Do not own. Am not making money.
Warning(s): Complete lack of plot.
Summary: Ohno's life can be described in one word.
Notes: Only Leader's birthday can make me stay up until one and get up again at six on a school day. I'm not too sure about this one, though; Ohno's thought process is so different from Jun's, and it's so beautiful but I can never get it down right and I felt like I was learning how to write all over again. But I certainly had fun. =)

Ohno knows he is supposed to find life difficult, but sometimes it’s hard because he sees love everywhere.Collapse )

Happy birthday, Leader! <3

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